Craving Consciousness

The world is craving your consciousness. The world is craving for you to stand in the light of who you are and say YES. Or to say NO.

Truly it is wanted that you to feel into that decision point - that yes or no.

It is wanted that you to decide that whatever it is that you are experiencing is true and therefor significant. Yet completely insignificant and the both can happen simultaneously.

So that you can stand in the bliss of who you are and watch all the arisings.

So then as you stand up for and tune into who you really are, you actively become that which you might be - that which you choose. You begin to realize yourself as awareness. Conscious.

And then you can begin to direct that awareness, in order to direct your experience of life. So as we come to hone our focus we literally also alter the pattern of reality. It is this simple lens of perception that is creating your whole world and therein lies the power to influence the collective.

You are changing the world

for the better.

So then it matters where we place our attention and where we do not. This does not mean that we ignore that which we would not like to see, but rather we come to accept and honour those parts and then choose anew.

For it is the act of choosing that is also the act of empowerment. Whether it is a simple choice of what to have for breakfast or what forms of dialogue to choose as we narrate our experiences in our own minds.

The words are powerful - the choices are powerful and yet insignificant. Beautifully juxtaposed. It doesn’t have to be so serious.

With all that is available to us coming in through the sense nodes, on which will we choose to resonate? Which will we choose to release? It’s a simple as that. Let go, and play.

Meditation will help you get here. For it is in relationship to ourselves that we become more skillful in the act of discernment - as this is our only true reference point of reality. The rest is subjective, filtered through a lens other than ours.

That is why meditation is so important, for we can never truly understand what it is to look from another’s eyes. Though we can take the time to discover our own true biases, so that we may better relate and contribute to the unfolding of all things.

Meditate. Again.

The world is craving for you to become conscious.

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Grace Davies