In the Flesh of God

You are part of a greater whole. 
A reflection of God in the physical body of a God.

No need to be overly humble, only human — which comes naturally of course.

Both Human and God, conscious — awake — alive!

Because you were destined to have this experience. 
To know the God in man and realize her. 
Welcome to human life

And then we forget
Only to remember — re discover.
Who you are, and why you are here.

You’re on the right track.

Some days these ideas seem like magical abstract concepts. This idea of unity with all things feels beautiful and yet hard to grasp from within the ego confines.

This is why we train the position of observer, the witness consciousness in your own psyche. The observer teaches us that there is a position of power in our minds separate from our train of thoughts.

This position highlights the conditioned nature of our minds and also may choose to soften our temperaments as we come to realize that we are not our thoughts.

So now we may choose, which thought trains we would like to follow and with which we desire to identify? Who are we really and why are we here?

Further from this we come to understand our interconnectedness. The beautiful patterning of our minds reflected for us in the appearance of reality before our eyes.

Quite literally, every fibre of our beings made up carbon, a material that is continuous with the entire world. Weaving your physical flesh as part of the fabric of continuum of life around you — not separate from in anyway other than the notion of density.

You are one with the plants, animals and air — you are absolutely everything.

Take this lightly if you can, relax and breathe into the fact that we are doing this all together.

These notions and ideas are strengthened as we come together in community to celebrate the uncovering of our truths and the rising together of our consciousness on this planet.

Go forth joyfully in knowing that you are love and you are loved. We’re all in this together.

Grace Davies