That grounding sensation of oatmeal.

You know that feeling of being loved, and safe.

Warm aromatics of a well-kept home.

Or at least well-kept enough so that everyone is fed and has a laugh.

That is the feeling that you can find in your meditation.

It may feel the opposite at first.

Because it’s a new path

Less Familiar.

But as you walk this direction more and more

Gradually the path wears in

The moss gives way to footprints,

gives way to entire clearings.

And the earth now steadies under your feet

prepared for your arrival.

The cool thing is that you can walk this path anytime

Independent of time and space

or environment.

Because you know the way.

One foot in front of the other

wearing your way into relaxation.

A relaxation that is always available to you

Providing authentic engagement with the world

Calming your nerves, healing your body

And improving your relationships in all spheres.

This is active meditation;

Communication, communion with life.

Grace Davies