Unapologetically Mystical

Unapologetically Mystical.

That is who I am today.

In the mystery of all things continuous, I am always myself. Curious, strange and kind. This state of being reflects my insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding while simultaneous I harness the ability to be ok with not knowing anything at all.

Here is where the kindness comes in. Lightness of spirit, felt through the eyes.

For the path that we stumble upon is not always well kept. In fact it is at best winding, jagged and long. And so we thread lightly, pack rations and share with each other.

To the best of our ability experiencing the fullness of life. As we are prepared for the next dose of truth so it is dolled out. Only when we are ready, as we are ready is the next layer revealed. So perfectly the alignment of things that we always have exactly what we need to discover who we are in the moment.

And then to decide who we want to be. How we meet ourselves in the physical form.

Totally tangible… yet unapologetically mystical.

That is who I am today.

Grace Davies