Sattva on The Solstice

Enter now a beautiful darkness
A day to signify resurgence of hope. 
And change of tides towards the light.

Let this be an opportunity to move slow
To move slow and listen.

May we listen to the whispers of sensation 
pulsing through our rhythms of breath.

Listen to the pace of our hearts, begging to be calmed 
To be soothed and reminded,

That everything is perfect — just as it is. 
Every single moment designed perfectly 
For our evolution and the discovery of love.

So that amidst chaos we may find peace
Inside ourselves, our cells — the very life force that makes us

Brought us here to understand — to stand, to move. 
To stretch, to breathe and to feel; 
Our deepest desires revealed.

Bubble to the surface our true selves.

Our potentials magnified as we move into stillness
As we breathe into strength.

At the core of our bodies, and the core of the season
From skin to bone we turn inwards.

Rooting down and rising up into 
The longest night of the year

So that we may awake together in the freshest dawn.

Winter Solstice.

Grace Davies