Take me to Church

Merry Christmas Everyone,

I'm cozied into the couch sipping egg nog whilst King Tut naps beside what was once a burning fire. This morning my father and I took my grandmother to Church. The biggest most fabulous Anglican Church in Victoria which was done up for Christmas. I was running late of course, blasting the jingle bell rock instrumental version while skidding to park outside at the very last minute, my breaks burning and my dog's face smushed against the cold wind outside. 

Whilst driving and dancing I reflected on the enjoyment in this last minute lateness. My silent not-so silent rebellion to religious procession. This tiny excitement is the mini-drama that my now conscious-self was looking for, to start my day with a bang. 

My boots tap lightly as I settle into my spot and immediately marvelled at the ridiculousness of tune in the Hymn that's en roll. This cadence was not designed for celebration, we can barely sing-along. 

And though the hearts were in the right place I felt the real light of love was missing. So I tailored the lyrics on my lips and belted out my own versions of the common melodies, swaying and swooning to my own feeling of eternal love. 

In my versions of the Church songs.... there are no sins. 

There is nothing wrong with us as humans and we have no due repentance to some external power. We are our own human wellsprings of divinity, we are pure, we are light, we are love. 

In my versions of these Church songs there is space for true joy. Space to share and be and be together. Space to give and to pray and to commune in beautiful ritual - respect for nature and all things great and small. 

In my version of Church songs there is no guilt, no comparison and no competition. No pressure coercion or force. We are free to be and feel - expressing our true selves always.  All things come in right time and end when they should. So we move from moment to moment with grace. 

The lens from my eyes is a privileged one yes, but this feeling is available to us all. Because feelings are self-created states of being based upon our judgements or thoughts about our emotions or environment. We have no ability to control outside circumstances or emotions (energy in motion), but we CAN CHOOSE our feelings about them. We can choose to see them in a different way, so that we may remain peaceful.

And from this state of peace may we find our own rhythm and develop the ability to sing our own songs. Sing sing from the bottom of our hearts and take this world over in rEVOLution.

Grace Davies