A note on beginnings, 

This post officially marks the start of this blog but in my perception of the world there is really no such thing as a beginning or end. All things are happening NOW.  It is the mere fact that I have chosen to call this a beginning that makes is so.  Quite literally, I have written and blogged elsewhere for years, so what makes this post beginning?

The simple fact that I've called it so. 

In choosing to call this new, I invoke energy and passion to the project. I am flooded with a sensation of novelty, a renewed inspiration to write, create and curate.

A simple label made that happen. Powerful. 

What else can you re-label so that you may be again inspired? 

Where can you begin again in soul? And what else can we continue, pursue and polish?

I challenge you to renew, and remember that in all that you do, the words you use decide the experience - maybe even less so than the experience itself. #bias. 

Let's get get this party started...


Grace Davies