Finding The Middle

Opposites provide contrast, and past experience paints our reality. 

Let us take this contrast and carve for ourselves the middle path. So that we may know ourselves as everything, then choose who we want to be - empowered. 

Let us judge no-one and no-thing for we are truly cut from the same cloth. Let us see one and other as equally human: conditioned - but not broken. 

We are whole and complete - yet malleable; open to change. 

Let us experience the joys and lows so that we may know their strength and from there balance. Let us know the entire circle and from there come back to centre. 

The middle path is always available; if we listen. 

Listen very carefully to our hearts, and our guts, our souls -  they are calling us. 

The wound is where we let our lights in. So as we soften into the strength what we consider to be wounds we find the healing that we didn’t know we needed. 

The key is softness, kindness, repeat. 

So thread lightly as you shine the light upon yourself. Be gentle. for far fewer are watching than you think. 

We will all do our own work in turn; creating waves and ripples of light into our communities. This is entropy at its best. Chaos of creation lifting each other up as we continue to elevate every aspect or our beings. 

We are all perfect. Embrace it, and breathe.  

Grace Davies