Re: Jane Goodall


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
~ Jane Goodall

As I sit contemplating this question, I notice that my answer changes frequently.

Each chapter of my life has been infused with well-meaning passion for one project or another. Each cause equally worthy and valid. Energy and enthusiasm permeates my memories, and I smile.

As I grow older, I continue to smile at the mass of causes for which we each fight. 
Every corner of the world stuffed with heroes bravely changing their circumstances.

Yet as we battle to change the material circumstances around us, I can’t help but wonder what created them in the first place?

This question always brings me back to meditation, the route to insight. 
Looking into the core — the beginning. 
Can we identify the spark from whence it all is derived?

It seems to me that all that we experience must have originated from somewhere. It seems to me that there is something generating our material realities and I have a hunch that something lies deep in our bodies, hearts and minds.

I have a hunch that we are greatly responsible for it all.

Through experimentation in life, large bouts of trial and error, I have come to temporarily conclude that the conscious and unconscious mind are together producing, projecting and creating our entire world.

Whether we like it or not, we made it… and continue to do so.

Once we start to understand this, the beauty becomes that we can harness this very creation power. We then become self-empowered, we then become free.

Every moment is an opportunity to change the world simply by changing your thoughts about it.

It is the process of coming to know ourselves deeply, that allows us to embrace our lives and accept responsibility for them.

So in response to you Dear Master Jane Goodall:

I now choose to make a difference on the inside.

I choose to clean up the vibratory fields of my mental projections so that I can live in clarity and produce cleanliness as a result.

I choose to relate to myself and my world with kindness, softness and truth. 
I choose to have fun and thread lightly as I clean up my consciousness. 
I choose to laugh, I choose to play.
I choose to slow down and I choose to meditate.

I choose to live, and I’d love if you joined me!

Grace Davies