Inspired and Aligned

The human being inspired and aligned is unstoppable. 
Inspiration: the fuel of human creation.
Alignment: what it takes to be truly effective.

Oh but to be both inspired and aligned
CLEAR about how and why you are moving in the direction of your inspiration. 
CLEAR not only towards yourself, but also in your relationships.
CLEAR about the type of impact you would like to make.

The impetus for inspiration is so crucial. 
What is my intention?

Morality and value both in the eye of the beholder — 
A feedback system is produced;
One in which our judgements and expectations of reality
influence our behaviour and inspiration.

Letting go of both judgments and expectations we can come to embrace ourselves. 
Truthfully, as we are — and maybe find ourselves inspired. 
Re-vitalized, Alive

Oh! To be inspired, filled with breath — engaged.

Yet to pause, to move slowly enough to listen
Listen for the reason “why”
Listen and allow that which is most intelligent to be expressed
Through you. 
Instead of forcing yourself upon intelligence.

Harness a “why” then come to flirt and play with her
Embrace her, love her and welcome her into your life. 
Your why is your gift — your inspiration for life.

Always listen to her for incase she changes her mind. 
Listen carefully as she oft speaks in whisper
Before she has to yell.

Your why will wake you up
each day without an alarm clock,
Put a bounce in your step — a smile on your face.

And when you fall, scrape your knee
She will softly place you back on track
and remind you of your strength

Remind you who you are
and why you are here.

Inspired. Aligned. 

Grace Davies