Evidence to Enjoy

You know that feeling when something inspires you? 
When it feels like a great good thing is just around the corner…

Maybe a vacation, a promotion, a new relationship; a fire in your belly. 

This knowing infuses the now with happiness. 
Infuses the presence with ease.

What if you didn’t need the external catalyst to live this way?
What if you simply woke up and decided to act as-if?

To act as-if all good things were coming. 
To trust in the supreme ability of the universe
To bring you everything you need. 

Not with expectation of exuberance-
But with acceptance of life as it is;
Joyful and simple

As evidence:
Can you remember a time when you gave yourself permission to tap into this joy - And the thing that you were hoping for didn’t work out after all?

How easy was that period of living
When you expected fruitful things to come? 
And even when it didn’t arrive
The period of waiting was joyful. 
 Independent of the result. 

It turns that we didn't need the results after all -
All we needed was to believe in goodness
And all experience becomes coloured in light. 

With this evidence in mind, 
may you relax fully into the now - and allow the light in. 

Because you trust the future
To take care of itself.

For if there truly is only now
We might as well enjoy it. 


Namaste, Friends

Grace Davies