Trust is one of the simplest ingredients to peace

For when we have trust we can soften into strength.

From this strength we can open into growth.

In this growing we have the chance to experience.

With this experience we come to know.

Having knowledge, we now can live — and Be; as we know ourselves to be. 
(having come to this from experience)

And in doing all this we change our lives; we change the world.

So where in our lives can we increase spaces of trust?

In the yoga room we can start with our studios & start with our teachers. 
Let us trust them to guide us through an experience in our bodies,
an experience with the breath. 
So that we can come to know ourselves deeply. 
So that we then can take our practice on and off the matt. 
Infusing our hearts and our lives with peace.

Trust. Experiment. Live.

It’s all YOGA. 

Grace Davies