Seth, Grace and Hilburt’s 23

Hilbert’s Classic 23 Math Problems is a set of 23 math problems produced by a man named David Hilbert in 1990. Upon announcement of these problems, prestige lead thousands of minds to urge to solve them. If you’re interested you can easily find those numerical challenges with a quick google search, but that is not the point of today’s post.

The point of the post is to point out problems identified, solutions can be found.

Because that’s precisely what happened with the original 23 problems (seemingly insane) problems identified which lead handfuls of helpful and curious humans everywhere move towards solutions.

For whatever seems impossible today, we still have the power. In fact, today, Jan 2 2018, Seth Godin released a set of 23 global problems that he felt inspired to share and urged his community to come up with their own. So I took on the challenge. Below you will find first Seth’s list and then my own.

Both lists below are largely experimental and at draft stage. With a little editing and curating this too can be polished..

Seth Godin’s Non-specific 23 Universal problems

in no particular order…

1. High efficiency, sustainable method for growing sufficient food, including market-shifting replacements for animals as food

2. High efficiency, renewable energy sources and useful batteries (cost, weight, efficiency)

3. Effective approaches to human trafficking

4. Carbon sequestration at scale

5. Breakthrough form for democracy in a digital age

6. Scalable, profitable, sustainable methods for small-scale creators of intellectual property

7. Replacement for the University

8. Useful methods for enhancing, scaling or replacing primary education, particularly literacy

9. Beneficial man/machine interface (post Xerox Parc)

10. Cost efficient housing at scale

11. Useful response to urban congestion

12. Gene therapies for obesity, cancer and chronic degenerative diseases

13. Dramatic leaps of AI interactions with humans

14. Alternatives to paid labor for most humans

15. Successful interactions with intelligent species off Earth

16. Self-cloning of organs for replacement

17. Cultural and nation-state conflict resolution and de-escalation

18. Dramatically new artistic methods for expression

19. Useful enhancements to intellect and mind for individuals

20. Shift in approach to end-of-life suffering and solutions for pain

21. Enhanced peer-to-peer communication technologies approaching the feeling of telepathy

22. Transmutation of matter to different elements and structures

23. Off-planet outposts

Grace Davies’ 23 non-specific Universal Problems

in no particular order…

1. Practicing principals for the developmental path of human mental/ emotional evolution towards their highest selves.

2. High efficiency, renewable method for growing healthy available food.

3. Change in mentality from competitive and consumptive culture towards collaborative and connective nature

4. Re-localization approach to market so that artisans, crafters and locals have ability to invest in quality of their craft.

5. Deeper connection with the Earth, spirits and sentient beings of all forms.

6. Furthered development of ways to heal generational trauma

7. Models of community that support our aging population

8. Models of health care that truly support health rather than react to disease.

9. Replacement for the University - Mentorship models?

10. Useful methods for enhancing primary education on a wide scale - hopefully reducing rote memorization of facts and encouraging curiosity / problem solving.

11. Positive Human/ Technology relationships and time spent with screen / reality.

12. Models of “work” and production in the world that allow for greater leisure and social connection time.

13. Return to quality in artist expression as opposed to catchy and viral.

14. Breakthrough form of democracy for the re-enlightenment era (I believe we’re now engaging in a re-enlightenment)

15. Useful response to urban congestion and pollution

16. Shift from distractive/ entertainment culture towards connective / regenerative.

17. More recognized successful interactions with intelligent species off planet earth.

18. Deeper connections with the plants / animals and that which we do not traditionally allocate higher consciousness.

19. A lot more laughter at the expense of no-one.

20. Real shift in approach to end of life suffering, physical and emotional / existential pain.

21. Normalcy of desired suicide and methods by which people may choose to end their own life.

22. Continued trend towards freedom of expression with support towards acceptance of all variances of mind. Read; awareness and acceptance of the mental health spectrum.

23. Affordable, scalable and comfortable housing options for all peoples.

Like I said, this is a first draft - the problems that came to my mind and heart first. We all have our unique points of view. Abilities, privileges and challenges. The issues that come to mind for each of us allow us to use our personal lenses to find opportunity for communal growth. I’m sure if we all made a list we would have much overlapping. And in that overlap we find reason to work together.

Who’s next for action? Who’s next to edit? Write your own? Leap!

Grace Davies