Making Heart Music

When I asked how we reconcile the un-deniable destruction of planet earth in front of us with the need harbour peace in our souls so that we may act from this centre, grounded — — a fabulous teacher of mine shared a few words, she said:

“Consider this… it is a dream, and it DOES matter.
It is a dream in that you generate what you perceive
and what you perceive forms you.

Impermanence does not imply we do not care for our environment
yet we act with non-attachment” (

So.. what do I perceive, how is this forming me? Can I choose to see something else or is this self-delusion?

Further if reality is a dream, a projection or whatever you want to call it. 
And what Allan Watts has been saying all along is correct…

That our physical reality is only information; electricity — energy. 
and how we interpret that information in the human-body computer system determines not only our experience of life but also influences our decision making process in terms of how we decide to spend our energy and attention.

Returning full circle, it proceeds that if we wish to change the world we must shift our interpretation of it. 
This does not mean ignoring the truth of what we see in front of us: 
climate change, massive depression, suicide and illness.. 
but rather what we decide that we will do with this information?

How can we harness our perceptive attention to choose a different reality?How will we contribute to re-imagining the world we want to live in?

Maybe we can’t know for sure what it will look like because it’s something we have not yet envisioned. 
Like how our ancestors could never have imagined the technology that we have today.

One thing’s for sure; I know that I have one compass it is in my heart — — — We all do
The heart knows what to do because it operates on the level of vibration, the level of feeling. The heart is blind but it knows melody.

If we calibrate from here and learn how to listen
We can create music. 
Or at least we can feel our way through the darkness together.

Walk with me. Breathe, Meditate. Listen.

Make music together.

Grace Davies