Claiming Divinity

As we transform into our higher selves

You don’t become the Christ, the Christ becomes you.

That means that we are no longer using the ego selves to claim ourselves as divine.

(Though this is true too)

But rather claiming the divinity inside of us to shine forth

And to transform through our physicality the vibration of true divinity.

There is a safety here in eternity.

But first we must surrender…

Letting go of what we previously believed to be needed

Or what we previously understood as happiness, success - safety.

In favour of that which is in alignment with our highest selves

In alignment with divinity - our highest transformation.

It is through the calling forth of this divine nature

That we create a new world.

And we might not understand yet what that looks like

Because it involves a releasing of what we have known.

In favour of what can be.

This process can be scary to the ego self.

Certainly it can be scary to those of us who have come to rely on manifestation.

AKA Attempting to exercise the ego-will to change the form of reality.

This practice has limited scope.

For in order that we all truly evolve

We must release what we think something should look like

And operate on a higher vibrational plane - learning what feels right.

By what we know in our hearts to be true.

And we can learn to access this knowing through the avenue of meditation

Via the trust bond with the self, a language that is special to you with you. Only you can know what is true and how to speak your own language. You may cultivate this with practice, moment by moment - breath by breath.

Again, as great artist’s steal or share good work; I am sharing a claim from The Parebo Group as channelled by Paul Selig:

I am word through my body

word I am word

I am word through my vibration

word I am word

I am word through my knowing of myself

word I am word

I know who I am in truth

I know what I am in truth

I am free, I am free, I am free.

Say this each morning and call yourself into divinity.

Call those around you into divinity with the statement

I know who you are in truth

I know what you are in truth

I know how you serve in truth

You are free You are free You are free

Then step back as the observer of transformation.

And embrace the world as it unfolds.

For more information about these statements and the guides please check out Paul Selig’s website. Let me know what you think about working with these claims and how it feels in your body to vibrate with this knowing! Let’s upgrade our consciousness together.

Grace Davies