Inside the Cracks

Imagine a rock mountainous face

Crevassed, cracked and calcified with Salt.

Steep, standing and breathing.

She is alive, moving - yet apparently solid.

Completely whole.

Enter Storms

And rain that washes through her cracks

Just as breath washes through our nervous system.

The cracks are exposed - calcification relinquished.

Course patterns wear away to raw exposure

Outlined by lifetimes, ages of wear.

Highways of familiarity now surfacing

Now apparent, potentially raw.

Highways of information processing, habit - behaviour.

Grooves are left for grabbing

Highways for human fingers, scaling the mountainside.

Highways for bugs mosses and wildflowers to flourish.

New growth.

So we all may ascend together

Using rain and breath to clear the way

Discover the pathway to a vista new.

Grace Davies