I am standing up for a world that highlights diversity.

Diversity of size, Diversity of colour, Diversity of thinking, being and loving. Every variation of human is truly a beautiful creation and I work to live in reflection of this belief. Though it’s not always easy, we can pattern and we can practice these ideas into our cells - into our bodies.

I am also standing up for a world that says that your thought forms are Ok.

That means all your neurosis, your desires, the crazy ideas that come to mind. Yes they are safe too. There is nothing wrong with them, there is nothing wrong with you. From this understanding we are more free to choose how to behave in relationship to our thoughts.

The tools that we require to meet ourselves at the level of thought begin with a deep breath.

Go for it. Take a free one. Get comfortable.

And keep working to get more and more comfortable, in your body - in your skin - in your mind in your community. This life is a gift uniquely to you and the tools to operate within it are at your disposal. If you don’t have them now, there is someone who does and they are willing to teach you - I promise.

The reason I can say this is because I am witnessing the development of local communities that are able to hold themselves up. Currently in Canada we see the development of communities wherein all persons are safe regardless of mental or physical orientation. It may not always feel that way within our minds because we are hard wired with a limbic system that tricks us into believing otherwise, though at a factual level - we are actually OK and now is the time to practice exactly this skill, believing we are safe and teaching our nervous systems this is the truth.

Where I live in the world I am extremely privileged. I can say these sorts of things and have it be true, I doubt anyone is going to persecute me (out loud) for being different. In fact the harshest judge that I may come across would likely be myself, can I work with that?

I admit however, this has not always been the case, and continues to not be the case everywhere. I’m happy to practice non-judgement now. I understand that I have internalized biases be they about weight, race, class, colour etc. They are within me simply by accident- I didn’t choose them to begin with, but I can choose whether I’d like to keep them and I can choose if I want them to dictate the way I engage with my world.

The world around us has traditionally been oppressive and judgemental, so we’ve internalized these biases. I promise no matter how liberal you believe you are, you have them too. So coming to understand our biases, understand ourselves is one of the most powerful things we can do in the name of human kindness.

In our culture as a whole we have created boxes, and attempted to replicate ourselves in a “race to the top” which, ultimately becomes a race to the bottom for the majority of people. What I have to say today is that this is not a race and there is noone to compare yourself towards. Let’s take it slow, literally one breath at a time - your hand in mine if possible and figure it out together.

Grace Davies