The Devil and The Earth

There is something that I need to hear today

and it’s a note about sweetness,

A note about gratitude.

The idea that in order to feel absolutely complete and content;

Nothing on the outside must change.

Only our ideas of it, only our judgements.

The power is here.

Because it is in this shift from judging to allowing that ease may enter.

And through the state of ease we can investigate.

Investigate truths, non-truths and suss out what really feels good vs. what looks good or what someone told us was good.

And with this ease of investigation we may happen upon creative action.

More by accident, in an easeful way.

So there is a good chance that the outside may begin to look different.

However potentially not in the way that we expected.

As before we were seeking fervently to influence outside. We soon came to discover that this process is essentially fruitless because it resulted in wheels spinning and us humans feeling exactly as we began. Wherever you go, there you are - so they say.

Drama, control - chaos, destruction. Drama, control - repeat.

Let’s try a new route.

Instead let’s venture to deeply change ourselves along the axis of perspective.

As the perspective shifts so does the resonance.

And resonance calls forth experience.

The more times we stand in the light of this experience (being who we really are),

The more life brings us that as an example.

And we create heaven, based on our perception of it.

Remember that to change oneself is not the same as to “control” one-self.

(Which is to exercise measures of restraint in order to better fit an outside metric)

But rather it’s about developing a resting place for the psyche inside our mind-body-lodge where-in sweetness, kindness and gratitude are fostered.

These qualities are the antidotes to hatred, anger and greed.

For in a state of sweetness, what can we hate?

With kindness flowing, anger softens.

And in gratitude there is no room for greed.

In fact, as a though experiment, the next time you feel the company of greed (do not suppress her!) instead attempt to acknowledge her and allow a shift by activating gratitude and flooding your being with feelings of it.

Gratitude becomes the sharp scissors which cut the umbilical cord to the devil.

The devil being anything that which stands in your way from feeling divine.

For divine is what you are…. and are you are what you eat.

Don’t let the devil feed you.

The Earthen placenta is ripe with better nourishment.

Grace Davies