What is Sattva Yoga?

Sattva Yoga

Sattva yoga is designed to sequentially balance body, breath and mind allowing the practitioner access to a state of dynamic stillness. Move, Breath, Rest- Be.

The practice can be approached at any level, beginner through advanced.

Each month we follow a new sequence based on intentional lines of awareness. The entire year is organized into four month cycles; which flow through each aspect of the body including:  Front, Back, Side and Centre.

In addition to the four main awareness lines, Sattva yoga introduces a set of  integrated action lines  which help the yogi to access subtle muscle firing, nervous system connections and anatomical stacking for optimal alignment. 

The beauty in repetition is that the practitioner becomes familiar with the sequences and methods. The resulting comfort allows them the chance to grow and strengthen their practice from many angles. 

Yoga is a ritual of love that guides me towards deeper levels of understanding of my body, myself and my relation to all things
— Grace Davies