Common Locations

My Living Room: 1650 Lacon Road, Denman Island BC - call 778-587-7852

Kingfisher Resort and Spa: 4330 Island Hwy South, Courtenay BC

The Fernwood Yoga Den: 1311 Gladstone Ave (Fernwood).

Hemma Yoga and Acupuncture: 1274 May Street (Cook Street Village)

The Hermitage, Fellowship of the Dharma: Denman Island BC


I always look forward to Grace’s practices, they never fail to brighten my day!
— Avid Student (anon)


Sattva - Follows the monthly Sattva sequence which includes Hatha / Vinyasa movements and often has a breathing + meditation component at the end of class - Open to all Levels

Restorative - Designed as a very gentle class to calm the body, mind and nervous system. This sequence is slower moving and stays low to the ground - Ideal for all Levels.

Yin- Similar to restorative but with little / no musculature action, allowing for deeper stretching into the ligaments and joints as opposed to muscle tissue, dress warm. 

Meditation- A short guided component followed by individual seated practice.                          These classes are offered free, by "dana" (donation) to charity.